I wasn’t speeding!

A police stops a on the . The man says “Did you stop me for ?”

The officer replies “Yes, I stopped you for speeding”

The man replies “Well I have a in my glove compartment, and have a dead body in my trunk”

The officer pulls back and calls for back up and waits. Minute’s later back up arrives. The second officer says “My partner says you had a dead body in the trunk and a gun is the glove compartment.”

So the cop checks the glove compartment, no gun. He checks the trunk, no body.

Officer 2 asks, “Do you have a gun?”

The man says, “No, sir.”

“Did you this ?”


At last policeman 2 says, “My partner said you had a dead body and a gun.”

The guy replies, “I bet he said I was speeding too!!!”

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