Tiger Woods discusses health care with Barach Obama

is way out of his league compared to Barach Obama regarding ObamaCare when it comes to screwing people.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods discusses health care with Barach Obama”

  1. Let me guess… you’re a rich white guy with a cadillac health care plan? I’m a widow working two jobs to support my kids, and neither offers health care so I have to buy it on open market but good luck trying to afford that. I’m not looking for a handout, I just want to be able to take care of my family without going broke. Obama is the first president in my lifetime to have the courage to bring health care to the real working people. He is a truly great leader who really cares about the people and is not just trying to line his pockets and those of his friends on wall street. I know you rich white guys just want to keep us in our place, but thank THE LORD for Barack Obama. May GOD bless you to find some compassion and courage to stop looking inward.

  2. Thank you for your comment but this site isn’t about political stance. I try to make fun of everyone and everything. A lot of people think that President Obama is screwing people with his positions on healthcare. A lot of people think that Tiger Woods is messed up right now. Putting both of them together with a funny balloon is just funny. I don’t want this site to about politics, I want to be able to make fun of politics. I hope you enjoy the site as it was intended and not be outraged by its politically incorrect statements (which is the name of the site).

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