Top Ten Signs Nancy Pelosi is Getting Cocky

  • 10. Greets every with “Sup, loser”
  • 9. This summer, plans to take a 5-week vacation
  • 8. Called Treasury Department asking, “Who do I have to talk to get on the nickel?”
  • 7. Attended health care bill signing in old sweatpants and a pair of Uggs
  • 6. Changed her name to Oprah
  • 5. Took a gavel to ’s hair
  • 4. Thinks under her tutelage, she can turn Tim Tebow into an NFL quarterback
  • 3. Ends every disagreement with, “If you’re so smart, how come you’re not Speaker of the ”?
  • 2. Referred to as “the distinguished jackass from Arizona”
  • 1. Seen exchanging sexy texts with
  • Thank you to TheJoker for sending this to me.

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