Gary Coleman jokes

, former child star, has died at the age of 42. Doctors blame his death on complications from different strokes

Gary Coleman wastes no time getting up there to the Pearly Gates to meet St. Peter.
When he arrives St. Peter frowns and says, “well Gary there may be a few things here that we gotta have a little talk about first!”

Gary Coleman frowns and says, “What choo talkin’ bout Peter!”

Gary Coleman arrived at the pearly gates and he wasn’t let in right away. This wasn’t the first time little Gary was stuck behind bars.

Before he died , Actor Gary Coleman was released from a Utah jail after being arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court. The court regrets the error and promises to give Coleman a milk crate to stand on next time.

Gary didn’t need a elaborate, expensive casket. They went to walmart for a Coleman Cooler.

Both Dennis Hopper and Gary Coleman passed away last week. That means another one and a half celebrities are going to die – it always happens in threes.

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife briefly considered a burial at sea but was worried Coleman might wash up on the beach and be mistaken for a tar ball

A week before his death, Utah police say actor Gary Coleman hit a man with his pickup after an argument at a bowling alley…after getting out of his truck, Coleman continued beating the man with one of the dozen Los Angeles phone books he was sitting on to see over the dashboard.

Gary Coleman has divulged that he got married last summer. I understand Gary got smashed at the wedding reception. Witnesses say he stripped off his clothes and went skinny-dipping in the punch bowl.

What do Gary Coleman and Larry Flynt have in common? A: They’ve both made a living off promoting different strokes.

Why did Gary Coleman die? Michael Jackson was ordering take-out

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