Excel based NCAA Div. 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament Brackets with drop-downs

Check out this great Division 1 Men’s document.  If you are like me, you put your picks into several pools.  I used to use one of the brackets that is posted on a sports site or in the newspaper but this one absolutely rocks. When you pick the winner of a game, that winner is available in a drop-down menu for the next game.  No more mistakes or having people tell me they can’t read my writing! This document has made it a lot easier for us to manage the NCAA tournament games. Perhaps more people should consider using it. One of my friends said that his office uses this document to track the NCAA progress. As they often place bets on the winners, it’s ideal for them to use. His office is really into NCAA basketball. Some of the employees even got ncaa flags made to make sure they can show their support for their favorite team. That’s a good idea.

If you follow the NCAA this closely, you might also want to look at this document. You can download the Excel document at I Think Therefore I Rant.  I checked it out and it is virus free according to my virus checker.  It doesn’t use any macros so it is safe.

You could even tell all your office co-workers for the office pool. It is awesome. Hopefully, your favorite team will win the tournament games.

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