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It all started with the iPhone

It all began with an iPhone…

January, 2011 was when Erica celebrated her 13th birthday, and we got her an iPhone. She just loved it. Who wouldn’t?

I celebrated my birthday later that month, and my wife made me very happy when she bought me an iPad.

What Siri says

I don’t use Siri but it has been in the news a lot.  Siri is the “smart” assistant on the new Apple iPhone 4S.  Evidently it can be quite helpful but it can also say some funny things.  I have no idea if these are real or not but that doesn’t matter – they are funny.





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Those “I” things

For my son’s Birthday, we bought him an iPod.

For my daughter’s birthday, she got an iPhone

and for my birthday I was pleased to receive an iPad.

Thinking along the same lines, I got my wife an iRon – and then the fight started….

Jon Stewart beats up Apple over Gizmodo raid for prototype iPhone

Jon Stewart is hilarious as he beats up Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs on the recent iPhone screwups.

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Dilbert on iPhone loss (theft?)

Dilbert is great.  I love the humor.  Typically, when I republish something from Dilbert, I use the embed tool that Scott Adams has on his site. It seems that since these strips will never be published in your local paper, there is no embed.  Therefore, I am not doing this the official way. I sure hope Scott doesn’t sue me but do me a favor and jump over to his site and tell him how great these strips are!