Feb 152011

Daughter : ” Hey Mom. Me and my boyfriend are just going to my room. ”
Mom : ” OK. Don’t do anything stupid ”
Mom hears her daughter screaming ”BAABBY BAABBY BAABBYY OOHHHH” !!
Mom rushes up stairs
Mom : ”What are you doing !!?!??!!”
Daughter : ”Get out mom, we are having sex!!.”
Mom : ”OHH!! Thank God! I thought you were listening to Justin Bieber.”

Jul 132010

Dad: I just don’t get why you kids use it so much.

Jessica: Dad, Facebook is all about social networking. I know this doesn’t make sense to you since you have like zero friends!

Dad: Your mother and I had the Busch’s over for dinner last night…

Jessica: Just come here and take a look. See, last week I added Jared Starnes-

Dad: That kid from your old grade school?

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