Mar 012011

A Wall Street banker, corporate CEO, tea partier, and Wisconsin public school teacher are sitting at a table in a restaurant. A waiter brings a plate with a dozen cookies and sets it in the center of the table. The Wall Street banker grabs 6 cookies. The corporate CEO grabs the other 6 cookies. Then they turn to the tea partier and say, “Are you going to let that greedy teacher take your crumbs?”

Jun 042010

An old man takes his grandson fishing one afternoon. After 15 minutes of fishing, ol’ grandpa takes out his flask of whiskey and starts drinking. His grandson asks, “Can I have some, Grandpa?”

“Can your dick touch your ass?” he replies.


“Then you’re not old enough, sit down.”

Another 15 minutes pass and grandpa takes out his Camel and starts to puff away. His grandson asks “Can I have some of that, gramps?”

“Can your dick touch your ass?”


“Then you’re not old enough, sit down.” Continue reading »