Hilarious Photobombs

Oddee.com has 18 of these so jump over there to see the rest but these were my favorites.

If you are going to have an erection on a beach, sit your ass down until you can control yourself.

There are so many things I can say regarding these young women in the bathroom together but I will stay with “Shit or get off the pot”

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Camping supplies in time for summer

Just when you think that you have everything for camping out and sitting around the fire at the lake someone comes up with something new.

UPDATE: Thanks to a regular reader for pointing out more of these images here. I didn’t find my version at that site but obviously these are floating all over the internet.

Husband has gone fishing

A woman is in bed with her lover, who also happens to be her husband’s best friend. After they finish having sex, they cuddle for a few moments when the phone rings. Since they are in the woman’s house, she picks up the phone. Her lover watches and listens, hearing only her side of the conversation.

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