The incompetent people of infomercials

If you have ever stayed up late watching re-runs of Cheers, MASH or Friends, you will recognize many of these scenes. It seems like we are all incompetent before we buy the amazing product for $19.99 per month for 3 easy payments.

Here is a salute to the incompetent boobs that can’t cook, cut, sweep, pour and do just about anything!

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Jon Stewart beats up Apple over Gizmodo raid for prototype iPhone

Jon Stewart is hilarious as he beats up Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs on the recent iPhone screwups.

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Dilbert on iPhone loss (theft?)

Dilbert is great.  I love the humor.  Typically, when I republish something from Dilbert, I use the embed tool that Scott Adams has on his site. It seems that since these strips will never be published in your local paper, there is no embed.  Therefore, I am not doing this the official way. I sure hope Scott doesn’t sue me but do me a favor and jump over to his site and tell him how great these strips are!

Annual checkup

An 86-year-old man went to his doctor for his annual check-up…

The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said, “Things are great and I’ve never felt better. I now have a 20-year-old bride who is pregnant with my child! So what do you think about that Doc?”

The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell a story. “I have an older friend, much like you, who is an avid hunter and never misses a season.”

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